Our Financial Planning Process

The core principle of financial advice is to help you meet your needs and objectives and improve your financial wellbeing. Great financial planning outcomes are achieved by educating, listening, and collaborating, not by dictating. That is entirely what our process is based on.

Initial Appointment

Getting to know you!

The initial consultation is based all around you! We will use this opportunity to get to know your situation and understand your personal and financial goals. Also in this appointment, we want to know your motivation for advice, your questions, and your financial stressors.

Fact Finding

Find and seek

Following on from your initial appointment we’ll be hard at work delving deeper into your situation and researching and reviewing your current financial strategies and products. When we have all the information we need, we’ll begin looking at ways to improve your financial wellbeing by developing strategies tailored to your needs and objectives.

Strategy Appointment

Strategy discussion

This appointment is about having an honest conversation and putting it all on the table. We’ll start by discussing our findings from the Fact Finding process to set the foundation. Then together we’ll discuss a range of options and strategies designed to elevate your financial position. It’s not about us telling you what to do, it’s about us giving you the options and working together to arrive at the best fit for your situation. This process will help us arrive at a scope of advice. The scope of advice is a rough draft of our formal advice and recommendations.

If you wish to proceed with our advice and recommendations, we will we need to provide you with a Statement of Advice which outlines our advice and recommendations in detail. Our fee for the preparation of your Statement of Advice and implementation of our advice will be quoted to you in this appointment. As we are a flat dollar fee for service firm, what we quote is what you will pay.

Our fees will be outlined in an engagement letter, however, before agreeing to the fees and proceeding to your Statement of Advice we want to ensure you understand the advice and recommendations and address any questions or concerns you have.

Statement of Advice

Your financial plan!

In this appointment we will provide you with your Statement of Advice. Your Statement of Advice is a legal document which has been solely designed to put you in a better financial position. It will include our financial strategies, financial projections and any product recommendations based on the scope of advice (which we arrived at in our Strategy Appointment) and your needs and objectives.

We will go through your Statement of Advice in detail to make sure you understand it and are comfortable with our advice and recommendations while addressing any questions along the way.

If you are comfortable and happy to proceed with our advice and recommendations, we will get started on implementing your Statement of Advice.

Implementing Your Advice

Bringing it all together

Following the acceptance of your Statement of Advice we will implement the agreed strategies and recommendations. We communicate directly with relevant third parties and product providers on your behalf to ensure your advice is implemented as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We will keep you updated throughout the implementation process as required. Then once the implementation of your advice has been completed, we will be in touch.


Staying on course!

Beyond your Statement of Advice, we’ll be in your corner every step of the way to help you navigate the forever changing nature of life and finance. Whether it is a new career, having children, retirement, share market volatility, inheritance – Elevate Wealth will help you overcome any obstacle.

We will continue to monitor your financial circumstances to ensure you stay on course to a better financial future. Our ongoing advice and service includes at a minimum:

  • A formal annual review of your financial situation, position and goals
  • An annual detailed Statement of Position
  • Access to your Adviser and the Elevate Wealth support team throughout the year
  • Keeping you up to date with legislative, compliance and regulatory changes
  • Plus anything else that pops up along the way!

Financial Services Guide

When meeting with our advisers you will be provided a Financial Services Guide. This Financial Services Guide is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered by us. This document outlines the following information:

  • Who we are
  • The financial services and products we offer
  • Our fee for our advice
  • Your Privacy
  • How we deal with any complaints
  • How we can be contacted

Get in Touch

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