Wealth Protection

Protecting Your Family & Income

(Wealth protection)

We build protection plans to secure our clients' most important assets; their family and income. Having an adequate protection plan in place affords peace of mind and allows our clients to move forward confidently with their plans to a financially independent future.

“What would happen financially to you and your family in the event of a serious illness, a major accident or premature death?”

It is not a pleasant conversation to have… but it needs to be had. It takes on even greater importance if you have or are considering; children, mortgage, taking on debt or starting a business.

The path to achieving financial independence involves making plans with your future income – the importance of a protection plan is that it secures this income for your family.

  1. We’ll ask you to tell us what you’d like to achieve if your income stopped. Often the conversation is as simple as discussing these questions;
    1. In the event of a serious illness or accident how much of your current income would you want replaced?
    2. Would you want your debts paid off?
    3. Would you want an additional lump sum to cover medical expenses, treatment or rehabilitation costs?

    We then use our years of expertise and industry knowledge to deliver recommendations that help achieve these outcomes and maximise tax benefits for you.

  2. We can source an appropriate solution for your personal circumstances;
    1. We know the sweet-spots of each insurer
    2. We know which insurers offer better rates for certain occupations or age-groups
    3. We know which insurers have track records of paying out claims on time and without headaches
    4. We know the insurers that have sustainable premiums (so you don’t get surprises)
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