Improve Your Financial Health

Many of our goals come back to physical or financial health, but did you realise the two are connected?  Despite our best efforts to juggle both aspects, the reality is that if one area is doing poorly, chances are the other won’t be looking so flash either.  Monetary related worries often cause tension and anxiety, which can show in physical symptoms like issues sleeping, headaches, sickness and muscle tension.

You don’t have to work harder or put a strain on your overall wellbeing to reach financial freedom, whatever that means to you.  Retiring early?  Annual overseas holidays?  Putting away savings for a rainy day?  Your idea of financial freedom likely differs from those around you, so it’s important to get the right advice that is relevant to you and your situation.  This will help you to make better choices now and in the future.

So, back to physical health.  Looking after your physical health doesn’t mean you need to rush out and sign up at a gym or the latest fad HIIT class (especially if you’re anything like me and lose interest in approximately 2.5 weeks!)  There are so many great (free!) events offered within the community, such as Parkrun, where you can start your fitness journey without forking out $$$$$$. A couple of fun facts: around 30 per cent of us have a gym membership, with a recent poll showing 27% barely use it — going less than once a week.  For these people, their wasted fees add up to a staggering $1.8 billion, according to (!!!!!)  I’m no expert, but I’m going to assume that guilt from not going to gym + guilt from wasting money = additional guilt that isn’t going to help ANY aspect of our lives!

At Elevate Wealth Solutions we provide financial planning services for a wide variety of clients, creating an action plan based on whatever financial freedom looks like to them. If you are looking to make better choices to achieve your financial goals, we can help you run the distance.

Michelle Jones - Client Services Manager @ Elevate Wealth Solutions