Action Plan

Getting Your Finances Into Shape

(Action Plan)

We are personal trainers for your money – we get your finances into shape, help you develop great money habits and map out an action plan to get you moving forward.

We all lead busy lives – and often don’t have the time or know-how of where to start in regards to getting our finances in order. We all know we should do it and we know it will actually help us get ahead. After all who wants to tread water and go nowhere???

  1. When you’ve thought about your money and said;
    1. I know its important but I don’t know where to start or who to talk to
    2. I’m wasting my money
    3. I hear so many different things about money on TV, radio, the internet and the newspapers – I’m confused
    4. I know I will save money by consolidating all my super funds
    5. I think I’ve got some insurance for my income…actually I’m not sure money is something I only need to worry about at retirement

    For clients focusing on family and career who are planning for their future financial security, wanting to establish an action plan for their money, build smart financial habits and better use their incomes — we provide on-going guidance that helps to get you organised and make sound financial decisions throughout the various stages of life.

  2. How we make more of your money;
    1. Working closely with you we will develop a Financial Roadmap for your family's future - this will help organise and streamline your financial affairs
    2. We instill discipline and self-control to help you set and achieve financial goals - saving for a home, family planning, funding a renovation, building an investment portfolio, accelerating mortgage repayments and planning for an early retirement.
    3. Cash Flow and Budgeting - establish strategies to track your spending and improve your savings rate
    4. Debt Management - develop strategies to effectively use your income, save tax and reduce interest payments over time
    5. Establish a plan to replace your income and protect the family home in the event of illness, injury or premature death
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