Budgeting and cash flow

There is often a misconception that people only see a financial planner when they have a lot of money, but this isn't the case at all.  We find that a lot of our clients are earning a good wage and just need a bit of support to manage where their cash is going.

Good cash flow management forms the foundation of your financial plan as your ability to build wealth is ultimately determined by how much you can save and how successfully you invest.

It doesn't matter how old you are or how much money you have, setting a budget for yourself is important.  It is especially vital if you're struggling to meet your goals or find that you keep accumulating debt.  Budgeting isn't just about cutting out expenses or forgoing having fun.  It's more about finding a healthy balance between your income and expenses and deciding what is important to you so that you have money left over that you can save.

It's important for us to develop an understanding of what is important to you so we can then consider the options available for you to achieve your goals.  We find that the "getting to know you" process looks something like this:

  1. Budgeting - you earn good money, but where does it go?  Are you managing your cash flow as effectively as you could be?
  2. Establishing an investment portfolio
  3. Protecting the present and ensuring that you can maintain your lifestyle in the event of unforeseen circumstances
  4. Consolidating and taking control of your retirement savings

We find that analysis and monitoring of your cash flow and expenses can result in monies becoming available for savings, investment or debt reduction.  For those with debt, we can work through strategies to accelerate repayment and make sure that you are directing your surplus funds into paying down the right debt.

We are serious about helping you achieve your goals and invite you to arrange an appointment at our cost by giving us a call on 03 6231 3448 or by filling out our client profile.