AFA 2017 National Practitioner Roadshow

This week, we attended the annual AFA 2017 National Practitioner Roadshow.

For those of you who aren't aware, AFA stands for Association of Financial Advisers and is the oldest association representing financial advisers and their clients in Australia.  This year, the theme of the roadshow was Adaptive Change - taking advice beyond the horizon.

Our director and senior financial adviser, Matt Hawkins, is the Tasmanian National Practitioner State Chair within the AFA and was emcee for the day and, as always, did a fantastic job.

There were a number of highlights from the day which included both the theory and practice that leading businesses are using to adapt within a constantly changing and evolving industry.

We learnt about the increasing risk of longevity - did you know that there is around a 50% chance that at least one member of a 60 year old couple will still be alive at 90?  This is something that needs to be factored into any retirement planning strategy and a big focus of this year's roadshow.

Fortunately, with some preparation and forward-thinking, it IS possible to plan for a long retirement and manage longevity risk.

One of the keynote speakers, and perhaps the one that we were most inspired by, was Matthew Johnstone.  Matt is an author and illustrator - you may know his book "I had a Black Dog" which details his journey and struggle with depression.

Matt's talk was about stress and how it was once a vital survival mechanism; however, in today's society stress comes from a number of sources that we may not necessarily be able to eliminate but we can certainly change how we respond and deal with it.  He told us about a smartphone app he uses that measures the time that you spend on your phone - checking social media, emails, responding to messages - which sounded absolutely terrifying and therefore perhaps something that we should be using!

We always find that attending conferences is a fantastic opportunity to learn from our peers and take away new ideas, as well as being able to look at things from a different perspective.  This year's AFA National Practitioner Roadshow was certainly beneficial - we left feeling inspired and excited about the year ahead.

If you have any concerns or questions about how longevity risk may affect your plans for retirement, or if you are retired and looking at ways to ensure your money lasts as long as possible, please give us a call on 03 6231 3448 or email